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Morgus the Magnificent (Large Art Print)

John V. Ulakovic


If you grew up and watched horror, sci-fi and fantasy films on TV in New Orleans, Detroit or New York City, you may have run across Momus Alexander Morgus, a.k.a. “Morgus the Magnificent” who hosted classic and B-movies from 1959 on and off through to the late 1980s. And the show still endures! Repeat broadcasts continue on into the 21st century and two “Morgus Presents DVDs have been released over the years to avid fans. Morgus (the real-life Sid Noel), his assistants Chopsley and the computer E.R.I.C. performed zany experiments that wrapped around these films.

Unlike most horror hosts of the period, “Morgus Presents” executed (excuse the pun) many an imaginative experiment, that in many cases were better than the Shock Theater films he presented on his show. Not only were Morgus’ experiments memorable, but Morgus is the only early Shock Theater horror host to star in his own theatrical movie, “The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus” in 1962.

John V Ulakovic is one of Morgus’ many fans, having enjoyed watching his program during the 1980s. This painting represents John’s homage to his favorite horror host and is offered in hopes of bringing back the fun memories of Morgus to his many “Friends of Science”.



16” x 20” on Masonite


16” x 20” Image on 18” x 23” Art Paper - Edition Size 60, Signed, Titled and Numbered in the bottom border by the artist

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